Lina Bodis Photography

Lina is a Hungarian Wedding Photographer serving Southern Spain and Gibraltar. She started to work with a film camera experimenting with lights and colours in her early years. 10 years ago she started photographing weddings with her husband Laszlo. Before that, she attended photography school, participated in many courses, workshops and studied fashion styling. Her style is a combination of fine art and photojournalism. She connects with people in a completely unique way with a camera in hand and her full attention on them. Lina enjoys working internationally and meeting people from different countries and cultures.

As a passionate traveller, she knows Andalusia very well, not just the popular spots, but also ‘secret’ places which provide perfect locations for a creative photo shoot or a bohemian beach ceremony – whatever clients may wish.


Linda és Andris esküvő


Finding good wedding photographers is not difficult but finding the best ones is almost impossible. However, we were lucky enough to make it when we met Lina and Laszlo. They are not only experienced, client-oriented professionals but also very lovely people who you can always count on. They have excellent taste and sense to take pictures that really make a difference: all our guests were amazed seeing our wedding photos. Besides, Lina and Laszlo were always flexible and patient and they delivered what they’d promised. We highly recommend them to everyone, who likes to make their memorable moments last forever on awesome photos :) Judit and Viktor

A friend of mine had used them for her wedding and the uniqueness of their work stood out to us. When it was time for us to get married, there was no doubt in our mind that we had to have Lina Bodis Photography. Thank you for helping us make our dream wedding a reality – Linda & Andris