Organise Wedding

Keeping yourself organised on your Wedding Day

When there are so many people and suppliers involved in the set up of your wedding, and you yourself have so much to do for yourself, your partner and your families, it can be a little overwhelming to think of who is doing what and where and whether it will all work out. Our advice is to relax. It will work out!


Firstly organise your suppliers the week before the wedding day. Make sure everything has been confirmed and paid. Ask them what time they are to arrive, deliver, perform etc and whether there is anything that you need to do for them before, on or after the wedding day like return any hired item(s) or make final payments. It would be helpful if you delegated any of these final tasks to a family member or good friend who you can trust. This way you can rest assured that all has been overseen and can focus on yourself!

Note: Only work with trusted professionals and keep their contact details handy in case of emergencies! See Wedding Directory.


You can then focus on your appointments. The days, even months, leading up to the big day has obviously seen a number of beauty and fitness regimes. Have you booked your last appointments? Hair and make up are the most important and take a considerable amount of time.
Make a note when your photographer is to arrive – you would need to be photo ready by then.


Making a mental note of the wedding day timeline will help make you feel at ease. When you know everything is organised you can naturally relax.
That being said, go with the flow. If you had not planned for something but you want to do it then go for it.. it’s your wedding day! Want to sneak out with hubby for a quiet romantic moment or fancy a crazy selfie with your besties? Just do it!

Use our Free Wedding Day Timeline and stay organised!