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Organise a Baby Shower

Baby Showers have become more and more popular over the last few years. It is a great opportunity to gather all loved ones together to spoil the mother-to-be with gifts for her and the baby, play games and eat a lot of cake!

If you are thinking of throwing a baby shower for your relative/friend, below are some useful points you may wish to consider.


Although it is a very thoughtful gesture, maybe the mother-to-be simply does not want one. There are many reasons for this such as superstitions, family politics and even her general wellbeing. Make sure you ask if she is happy with the idea of a baby shower before you start planning. The remaining details can be kept hidden if you want it all to be a surprise for her.

Guest list

First things first – who is attending? Ask the mother-to-be who she wants to invite and ask for their contact details. A group on social media may work but only if all guests have a social media account so do take note of guests who you will need to speak to in person. You may want to ask dad-to-be to help out. Maybe he can pop by at the end of the party with a little surprise. Ensure all the important guests such as the new mummy’s mother and mother-in-law are available that same day.

Request any dietary requirements.


Based on the replies from guests, find a venue to accommodate the number of people attending to include snacks and drinks. It is a good idea to ask the venue what facilities i.e. decoration, props, cake etc. they already provide as this could help you save on costs.


Ask for all payments from guests up front to be able to book your. Include any costs towards the baby shower. You may wish to jot down the costs of the basic props and gifts to evaluate how much you need per person such as Cake, Nappy Cake, Gifts, Favours, Décor and Photo & Game props. Be mindful that not all guests can afford to go all out therefore respectfully ask guests if they are happy with the costs and arrangements and try to accommodate. Some guests such as parents and in-laws may wish to bring their own gifts so keep this in mind too.


Does the mother-to-be know whether she is expecting a girl or boy, or is the gender unknown. Most baby showers stick to soft, pastel or ‘baby’ colours but anything the new mummy may enjoy is acceptable too. For example, maybe she has a favourite colour or is obsessed with unicorns. Choose a theme based on mummy’s personality.


Once you have collected the monies from all guests start on buying or making the décor & props, order the cake, nappy cake and any gifts you wish to give the yummy mummy. Make it thoughtful – a gift to treat the mother like a pregnancy massage or something to help out with the new baby will be welcome but try and ensure it is not something she has already bought or wants to buy herself. Remember you may be excited but not as excited as the new parents would be.

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