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Baby Shower Games

Are you organising a Baby Shower for a relative or friend? (Check out Organise a Baby Shower) Below are some fantastic ideas on games to play at a Baby Shower.


Guess mummy’s tummy size

What you need: Yarn of String

Preparations: none

How to play: Have the guests each cut out a piece of string guessing how big the bump size is. Ask mother-to-be to measure her bump with a piece of string and compare with each piece. The player with the piece of string closest to the mummy’s string size wins.


List the Baby Items

What you need: Sheets of Paper, Pens/Pencils, Baby Items (Small and Large), Table to display items

Preparations: Before the baby shower, grab a few of the most common, and not so common, baby items such as dummies, bottles, baby food, bibs etc. Ensure these items are all covered at all times during the baby shower until ready to play.

How to play: At the baby shower, uncover the items for several seconds allowing guests to have a quick look altogether, and then ask them to list all the items on the table. The player who lists most items wins.


Guess the Chocolate Poop

What you need: 5 Nappies, Assortment of 5 Chocolates, Matches, Table to display nappies (Can play with more or fewer nappies and chocolates)

Preparations: Before the baby shower, melt some of the most popular chocolates onto the nappies to resemble baby poop.

How to play: At the baby shower, keep the nappies on a table and ask each guest to smell and guess what chocolate each poop is. The winner is the player with the most correct guesses.


Guess the Number of Sweets

What you need: Small clear jar, Number of Sweets

Preparations: Before the baby shower, fill up the jar with sweets. Remember how many you have placed in the jar!

How to play: At the baby shower, pass the jar around to have the guests guess how many sweets are in the jar. The right guess, or closest, wins.


Baby Scrabble

What you need: Pencils/Pens, Sheets of Paper with a list of pre-printed scrambled words (Printable versions are available online)

Preparations: Before the baby shower, list a number of baby related words and keep them aside. List the scrambled versions of these words on a sheet of paper for each guest.

How to play:  Ask each player to unscramble the words. Read out the correct list when everyone is finished. The player with the most correct words, wins.


Pin the Sperm on the Egg

What you need: 1 large poster of ovaries with an egg, 1 sperm cut out per player, blue tack, blindfold (printable versions are available online)

Preparations: Stick the poster on a wall. Prepare 1 sperm cut out for each player.

How to play: Blindfold each guest and carefully turn them around several times. Place a sticky sperm in their hands and ask them to move forward and place the sperm on the egg image on the poster. The player who pins the sperm closest to the egg wins.


Baby Predictions

What you need: Sheets of paper completed with baby details as below, pens/pencils

Preparations: Before the baby shower, make a list of the baby details to be predicted such as Gender (if unknown), Height, Weight, Colour of Eyes, Colour of Hair, Date of Birth, Name Suggestions and Advice for the mummy-to-be.

How to play: At the baby shower, ask each player to write down their predictions on the sheets of paper provided. Mummy-to-be will need to confirm the winner after the baby is born.


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