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Which famous people got married on the Rock?

  • John Lennon and Yoko Ono
  • Sir Sean Connery and Diane Cilento in 1962 and again in 1975 to Micheline Boglio Roquebrune
  • Laurence Harvey and Margaret Leighton
  • Golfer Alexander Lyle (“Sandy”) and Jolande Huurman
  • Barry Reeves and Madeline Bell (“lead singer of Blue Mink”)
  • Golfer Tony Jacklin and Astrid Waagen
  • Lord Camrose and Joan Aly Khan
  • Peter de Savary (former chairman of Millwall FC) and Alice Simms
  • Author Frederick Forsyth and Carole Cunningham
  • Sir Mark Thatcher and Sarah Russell

Gibraltar was also the starting destination of honeymooners The Prince and Princes of Wales who boarded the Royal Yacht Britannia at Gibraltar and not forgetting the backdrop for the film “The Silent Enemy” which starred Laurence Harvey who married on the Rock.

FAQs Element ImageLegalities

What are the legalities in getting married in Gibraltar, and where can I find the fees involved and contact details?

Visit the Gibraltar Government website. https://gibraltar.gov.gi/new/marriages-civil-partnerships

Are gay marriages allowed in Gibraltar?

Yes. Gibraltar, population 30,000, is one of 14 British Overseas Territories and is the 4th to legalise same-sex marriage.

How do I change my name?

Upon receiving your Marriage certificate, you should present this to the Civil Registration offices along with your passport and identity card renewal forms. Once you receive these new personal documents, ensure you have notified your banks, insurance companies and any other facility which may need to update your due diligence, personally and at work. It may be a good idea to notify them after all the changes have been made as you could delay on matters due to any compliance restrictions.

FAQs Element ImageTraditions

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue and a Silver Six Pence in your shoe

Something old represents continuity, perhaps you wish to visit a charity shop and find an old heirloom or piece of jewellery, or some detail to compliment your dress.
Something new offers optimism for the future
Something borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness
Something blue stands for purity, love, and fidelity
And a silver sixpence in your shoe is a wish for good fortune and prosperity.
The easier option would be to BORROW something OLD from a family member and if it’s BLUE then that’s three down. You have plenty of NEW purchases and a silver sixpence may be easily found online or at a bridal shop.

Should we have a religious wedding ceremony?

If it matters to you and/or your partner then yes or you may regret this at a later stage when you reflect on your wedding day. If you do not have any religious beliefs and your legal union is all that matters to you then this is what you should opt for. If you cannot agree which religious ceremony to hold, you may wish to speak with a Humanist celebrant who could assist in a special ceremony to suit you both, however whatever you decide to do ensure you both are in agreement.

We do not wish to break religious or family traditions however we do not agree with them. What do we do?

Families, and parents especially, have high expectations of their children’s wedding day, and with Gibraltar being so small and family oriented, it may come across as abrupt when you disagree to take on a particular tradition making it hard to avoid family politics.
Consider the request made and whether it is something you can arrange. If it is a small task you can undertake, then no harm done, for the family’s happiness go for it! If you cannot, then politely and patiently explain you do not wish to do so and that you would appreciate if the matter was not pushed on you any further. Either way, this should be a joint decision with your partner as a team and if you are receiving requests, delay the answer until you have spoken to your partner where you can then both inform your families respectfully of your decision{s) – they would only want your happiness and will understand.

FAQs Element ImageWedding Party

How do I choose the Best man, Maid of Honour, wedding party?

Simple – who is closest to you and who do you trust by your side? Family & friends, right? There are plenty of responsibilities to delegate but perhaps these could be handed over to a coordinator instead and that way the family can enjoy themselves too and not miss out on the celebrations and photographs. If you cannot decide between two or three individuals, then it may be an idea to include all candidates and avoid any politics around your decision. Some couples choose the main wedding party i.e. Maid of Honour and Best Man and leave out the rest.

FAQs Element ImageInvitations

How do I address invitations?

See our Invitations template as a guide

When do I send out invitations?

Ideally three months in advance with a deadline to one month prior to the wedding as this will allow you to arrange with the venue your seating plan, the number of guests they need to cater for and your budget. However sending a Save the Date even via email will allow guests out of town to make travel plans accordingly and guests to accommodate any other personal commitments around the wedding where possible.

How do I let family & friends know they are not invited or their children are not invited?

This is a tricky subject. The real reason you are not inviting certain people is either a/ you do not want them celebrating with you or b/ you cannot afford it.
Partners of guests, distant relatives, work mates who you are not as close to, could be a good place to start eliminating numbers. Children could be limited to immediate family or a specific age group. There may always be a way to accommodate all guests but if you speak to your partner and make sure you both agree the reasons for your decisions, it will make it easier to confidently explain if questioned.
Guests and even family members may continue to insist, therefore ensure you both have an assertive answer together; separately you could get cornered to giving in to their requests which you may regret later. Guests will need to be respectful of your wishes as it is your day, so do not lose focus but be careful not to be hurtful in the process. Do show some understanding towards your guests if your decisions result in them not attending your wedding.

FAQs Element ImageGuests

What do you say to the bridegroom?

There are plenty of wedding messages & poems, quotes and jokes if you look around and sometimes your Wedding card says it all. Best to speak from the heart and make it personal but if you cannot find the words then as a rule a congratulations, followed by a compliment on their appearance and the wedding celebration and your best wishes will suffice.
E.g. ‘Congratulations to the Happy Couple! You both look amazing. Thank you for allowing me/us to be a part of your special day! We’ve had a great time. We wish you both a lifetime of happiness in the years ahead!’

What do you gift the Bride & Groom?

Note any Gift notes on their wedding invitation. If they have specifically included a wishing well, it really does mean they only wish for the money to help towards the wedding and honeymoon expenses because they probably have arranged everything else in their own unique style, their homes may already be decorated and they may not have the heart to tell you otherwise – give attention to these subtle hints. The gift of money will assist them in throwing the best wedding party they can afford.
When giving money individually it may be appropriate to gift £40.00 onwards and as a couple you could, as a rule, double the amount you would give individually, i.e. £80.00 onwards. With closer friends and family, you may wish to gift a little more with a contribution to the wedding elements.
Perhaps they have a gift registry, in which case choose an item from their list.
If you still are clueless then just ask the couple what they wish to receive. It may be awkward so best to start the conversation with a more comfortable ‘ Is there something I can help pay for? / Is there something you have set your eyes on?’ as opposed to ‘What do you want? / Do you just want money?’ which could be embarrassing for both you to ask and the couple to answer
Other gift ideas are down to each individual and how well you know the bride and groom. If you feel you have found something you love for them they may also appreciate the gesture however leaving a gift receipt will enable them to still exchange the gift for something more practical if they wish.

FAQs Element ImageVenues

Which venues are available for weddings? Do venues have a curfew and capacity of persons?

Each venue will hold a licence to hold events up to a certain time with a certain number of guests. Should you hold your reception at a hotel, bear in mind the hotel may have a strict policy to punctually end celebrations at a specific time which could be an anti-climax; any neighbours near the venue may also make noise complaints and having the police show up on your wedding day is not the way to go. Check out our Directory for full profiles on some of the local venues and our legalities section for a list of licensed venues where you are allowed to hold your ceremony.
Venues need licenses to hold functions and are therefore allowed to do so until about 1/2am. It is very normal they start packing 20-30 minutes earlier.
Hotels are especially strict due to consideration towards their guests.
Check with your venue on their curfew before an anticlimax scenario at the dance floor when the music is turned off. Perhaps you want to take the party elsewhere or call it a night. Either way it is best to know your options beforehand to arrange accordingly.

FAQs Element ImagePlanning

Where and when do I start planning my wedding?

Whenever you are ready! Use our Wedding checklist to guide you through the planning stages.
It is best to book in advance to avoid disappointment. Start with your registry, ceremony and venue and ensure all dates coincide and timings are confirmed. Ensure deposits are paid as some establishments cannot guarantee reservations until a deposit has been made. Then make use of our Directory and find your remaining suppliers.

FAQs Element ImageStyle

What style wedding should I go for?

As soon as you start planning you’ll collect magazines, save websites, create mood boards on social media sites such as Pinterest and so as you go along, your favourite colours and ideas will stand out and you’ll soon notice a pattern. This style will compliment your own unique style and this is what you should go with.

FAQs Element ImageDress/Suit

When do we buy the dress and suit?

Generally, a bridal shop needs a minimum of 6 months to order a wedding dress in your size and style. You may be lucky enough to find something in store or even online but you should also take into consideration the fitting dates to ensure the dress does fit properly and comfortably. A tailored suit may be easier to find in a well established shop, but a grooms suit or tux for sale or hire may need a time frame of several weeks.
Always allow time for alterations. Your pre wedding jitters and training may cause your weight to fluctuate.

FAQs Element ImageMoney Matters

How much does a wedding cost?

This depends on each couple. A small intimate dinner party would obviously work out more economic than a full blown reception. The dress, suit, jewellery, venue, flowers & decorations, entertainments etc. all play a huge role in the overall costs. Gather costs from your suppliers and if you soon reach your limit start eliminating unnecessary costs
Asking suppliers graciously for budget friendly options would help them understand and accommodate your requirements
You may also wish to apply for wedding insurance and set aside some emergency funds in case of unforeseen circumstances.
Some venues and other suppliers may already provide additional in-house services such as decoration and planning, catering and cakes so do ask them what they can do for you as this would also save on costs from asking externally.

Is asking parents and guests for money cheeky?

Agreed! It is awkward.
Calculate the costs before formalising any plans and check you are able to afford the wedding yourself. If parents invite guests, they should contribute towards the costs. In some family traditions, parents pay a third or half of the reception costs with the other set of parents, with/without the couple; however it would not be fair to spring this on them and expect a wedding to be fully paid for. If they haven’t already offered and you wish to ask to borrow money, ask them politely if and how much they could contribute or lend you for the wedding. If at any time you note this makes them feel awkward, reassure them that it is not as important to you as their blessings and make alternative arrangements in reducing costs with unnecessary elements or alternatively you could try to apply for a small personal loan.
Asking guests for money is probably best written in a form of a wishing well poem.

FAQs Element ImageSeason

Which season is best to get married?

The months from June to October are safest but Gibraltar’s weather is unpredictable. As long as you are prepared and pack your weather essentials you should be fine during these months. The remaining months are a little more risky but you may wish to fly out to your honeymoon destination at this time, where it may be the opposite of Gibraltar’s climate.

FAQs Element ImageDress Code

What do we wear at a wedding?

It is recommended to advise your guests of the dress code. Not only do they have an idea what to wear but this would avoid inappropriate attire worn by quirky guests. Here are some of the most common dress codes and what they mean for men and women when attending weddings:

White tie
Women: Formal Floor-Length Evening gown typically worn with gloves and with hair up-do, Heels
Men: Tuxedo/Suit with a waist coat and tail back worn with white bow tie
Black tie
Women: Floor Length Evening gown, Heels
Men: Tuxedo/Suit with a black bow tie
Lounge Suit
Women: Formal Gown, Heels
Men: Suit with a tie
Women: Knee Length dress or smart jumpsuit, heels
Men: Suit with a tie optional
Smart Casual
Women: Cocktail dress or Skirt & Blouse with heels optional
Men: Chinos/Trousers with shirt

The bride typically wears white and guests should not be in white attire unless specifically requested to do so. It may be useful to ask the bride on her wedding colours so as to not clash with the wedding party attire.
Weddings are elegant functions and therefore flashy clothing i.e. low cleavage/ short hems must be avoided.
Hats are traditional however not compulsory.

FAQs Element ImageAlcohol

I don’t want to serve too much/any alcohol but I want a good night…

When you invite dinner guests you do not expect them to pay for drinks and so you should not allow them to think otherwise at your wedding. However it is understandable if you keep alcohol to a minimum to avoid embarrassing drunken shenanigans if you want an elegant reception. Think of different ideas such as dedicating music to guests, games around the venue for those who do not dance and maybe photo props to entertain your guests, and avoid them sitting at the bar. Keeping a tab behind the bar is great but ensure if the budget is running dry you have back up as this can be embarrassing for everyone, you and your guests. A free bar can be a great excuse for guests to get smashed so be careful. Banning shots is an idea or sticking to free champagne all night accommodates a lighter buzz for the evening.

FAQs Element ImageHusband/Wife

What do I gift my husband?

An age old tradition is gifting your new hubby a new Watch but something you know he will love makes a perfect gift. Think about his favourite music and hobbies and surprise him with something he may have wanted to do for a long while.
You know him best so think hard and come up with something special.
Use our Anniversary guide to inspire you throughout your married years.

What do I gift my wife?

Well yes, you can never go wrong with a romantic date and jewellery but if you wish for something a little more unique, then think of her favourite hobbies and interests and work around that.
Use our Anniversary guide to inspire you throughout your married years.

We cannot seem to agree on anything. What do we do?

Take a break to think about the different elements you both want at the wedding and make a list of what is most important and then start compromising. The day belongs to the both of you and you must not lose focus of what is most important – your happiness on the most important day of your lives.

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