For many years Gibraltar has attracted thousands of British expatriates living in the Iberian Peninsula seeking to stock up on all those British goodies that they just cannot live without.  The truth is that Gibraltar offers far more than biscuits and beer and is arguably the shopping mecca of the western Mediterranean.  Hardly surprising as the Rock, given its geographical position, has thrived for centuries as a trading centre, particularly so for its maritime links at the height of the British Empire.  These days it is attractive, not just because of the quality and choice of products available, but also because goods here are sold VAT free.  The city centre is long and narrow, extending along the mile long Main Street.  Much of this bustling high street has been pedestrianised as part of an overall city plan to beautify the Rock and create a pleasant environment for visitors and residents.  Trees have similarly been planted throughout the old city. Strategically placed benches, pavement cafés and bars offer a welcome relief for weary shoppers, whilst numerous exchange centres and banks make money changing as easy as flipping a coin.  Interspersed with many familiar British chain stores is a fascinating selection of smaller shops, selling everything from Chinese linens to designer sunglasses.  Handicraft shops sit side-by-side with souvenir stores where the choice ranges from a fluffy toy to an exquisite piece of Gibraltar Crystal which you can watch being produced on-the-spot.  Local artists’ work can also be purchased from our art galleries in town, two of which are located in Casemates Square, the main town square at the entrance to the high street.  Also to be found are a number of electrical / audio-visual equipment shops. Cigarettes, imported cigars and spirits are all – time favourites.  Gold jewellery, watches, perfumes, porcelain figures, designer wear are all available here.  But Main Street offers so much more; two Cathedrals, the Governor’s Residence, the Supreme Court, the main Post Office and philatelic / coins centre, and the 16th century King’s Chapel. The Gibraltar Museum and the Gibraltar Heritage Trust are both just 60 metres off Main Street.  It would be easy to spend days exploring Gibraltar in terms of buying power.  Running parallel to Main Street is Irish Town that is well worth a visit with its historic coffee houses, specialist ironmongers, pubs and attractive restaurants.  You can find most ethnic and international cuisines in Gibraltar, including Indian, Chinese, Thai, Argentinean, Moroccan, Kosher, Brazilian and European, such as British, French, Spanish and Italian.  For a meal on the go, there are fast-food restaurants and conveniently located sandwich bars, plus plenty of ‘ye olde’ English pubs and pavement cafés.  The marinas are an easy walk from the city centre both offering an interesting variety of restaurants, while Catalan Bay on the east side, is equally charming with well situated restaurants specialising in seafood with that ‘catch of the day’ freshness.  There is no shortage of places to go to in the evening.  Hotel cocktail bars offer comfortable and sophisticated surroundings for a quiet drink or not so quiet, jazz performance or other live band.  For a more informal evening, almost every street in town has wine bars and lively cosmopolitan pubs.  Later you might dance into the small hours at one of Gibraltar’s trendy disco pubs or enjoy a flutter at the casino at Ocean Village.  There is live entertainment during the summer months at the bustling Casemates Square positioned at the entrance of the city centre.

Popular Attractions – THE UPPER ROCK

  • Jews’ Gate
  • Mediterranean Steps
  • St Michael’s Cave
  • Suspension Bridge
  • Apes’ Den
  • O’Hara’s Battery
  • The Great Siege Tunnels
  • Skywalk **Coming soon**
  • World War II Tunnels
  • The Tunnels
  • Military Heritage Centre
  • Lime Kiln
  • Gibraltar, a City Under Siege Exhibition
  • Moorish Castle
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Popular Attractions – TOWN CENTRE

  • Casemates Square
  • Gibraltar Crystal Glass Factory
  • Fine Arts Gallery, Gustavo Bacarisas Gallery and Arts and Crafts Exhibition Halls
  • American War Memorial
  • Gibraltar War Memorial
  • Hindu Temple
  • Parliament House
  • The Mario Finlayson National Art Gallery
  • Roman Catholic Cathedral of St. Mary the Crowned
  • King’s Bastion Leisure Centre and Commonwealth Park
  • Great Synagogue and Flemish Synagogue
  • Gibraltar Museum
  • Anglican Cathedral of the ‘Holy Trinity’
  • St Andrew’s Church
  • Garrison Library
  • Law Courts
  • King’s Chapel
  • The Convent
  • Wellington Front
  • John Mackintosh Hall
  • Trafalgar Cemetery
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Popular Attractions – OUTSIDE THE CITY

  • Catalan Bay Village
  • The Marinas
  • Devil’s Tongue Battery
  • Evacuation Memorial
  • Landport Gate
  • Ragged Staff
  • Charles V Wall
  • Prince Edward’s Gate
  • Southport Gates
  • Jumper’s Bastion
  • Flat Bastion Magazine
  • Cable Car
  • Botanic Gardens and Wildlife Park
  • Nelson’ Anchorage – 100 Ton Gun
  • Parson’s Lodge
  • Polish Memorial
  • Shrine of Our Lady of Europe and Museum
  • Mosque
  • Harding’s Battery
  • The Lighthouse
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  • Dolphin-Watching and Boat Trips around the Bay
  • Lower St Michael’s Cave tours
  • World War II Tunnel Tours
  • Diving
  • Fishing
  • Sailing
  • Bird watching
  • Macaque Experience
  • Alameda Botanic Gardens Tours
  • Day trips to Spain and Morocco
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